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Voltage Stabilizers and Power Conditioners

Power Control Categories

Transverse and common mode interference suppressers Watford Control has perfected a range of AC Voltage Stabilisers and Power Conditioners in single and three phase versions with ratings from 300VA to over 5,000kVA.

More than 6,000 catalogued models are available, with power ratings and input voltage ranges to meet all supply requirements world-wide.

voltage control Voltage Stabilisers:
Will maintain a stable output voltage regardless of input voltage variations and load changes.

Transverse Mode Interference Suppressers:
Protect sensitive equipment from the damaging effect of high voltage spikes and noise.

Common Mode Interference Suppressers:
Protect sensitive equipment from the effect of earth to neutral and earth to line interference.

Power Conditioners:
Voltage Stabilisers fitted with transverse mode and if necessary common mode interference suppression.

Watford Control Range

CVT voltage transformers and transient noise suppressers

EM Electronic-Servo:
1 to 5,000kVA single and three phase. The most cost effective way to provide an undistorted and stable supply, optional transient and noise suppression. Output voltage accuracy + 0.5% for input voltage variations up to + 40.0%.

BE Solid State:
inductive power control, no moving parts or semiconductors in the power handling circuits. Transient noise suppression fitted as standard. Maintenance free. Single and three phase models, 0.36 to 320kVA

Duo-Mode Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT):
solid state multi-path transformers, capacitively tuned. No other components ensuring maintenance free reliability. Full transient noise suppression as standard.

Iso-Tran Transient Noise Suppressers:
transient noise suppressers and isolation transformers to provide transverse and common mode transient noise suppression where voltage stabilisation is not required.

Rotavolt Variable Auto Transformers:
linear variation of AC voltage without wave-form distortion. Manual or motorised units, 0.27 to 60kVA single and three phase models.