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uDERe - Universal Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Element
universal DER element
universal DER element

uDERe series Data Sheet
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  • 7.5kVA ÷ 200 kVA
  • Regenerative
  • Emulation of DER (generation, load and storage)
  • Regenerative
  • AC: 0-480 Vrms, 0-230 Arms, 40-440 Hz
  • R&D in microgrids
  • IEC61850
  • Decentralized generation control systems

The Universal Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Element, uDERe, is an AC/AC converter that emulates different kind of systems found on smartgrids. Through software configuration, the emulator can be programmed to behave as a generator, storage or load. As a generator, the equipment will behave as a Photovoltaic or Wind Power system. As a load, domestic or industrial systems can be emulated (HVAC or motors for example). The behaviour of a battery storage system can be implemented too, with its charging/discharging curves.
This emulator is specially designed to be used in a MicroGrid Laboratory. It provides high flexibility, by emulating different systems with one only equipment, and energy regeneration.

Functional description
The uDERe is composed by an Active Rectifier, a DC bus stage, and a three phase IGBT inverter with filters and sensors. The equipment is digitally controlled with a DSP.
The Active Rectifier is connected to the experimental microgrid and works as a "real converter" (DER inverter, storage system or load). The Inverter is connected to the grid and behaves as the "emulated system" (emulating energy resources, real batteries or loads).
The "real converters" can be commanded by IEC61850 and the "emulated systems" can be programmed as different systems via Modbus TCP/IP or a PC-based configuration tool.

Regenerative equipment
The regenerative topology used in the converter allows significant savings in test platforms. Moreover, the electrical installation of the laboratory can be reduced to 15% of rated power used in the experiments.


Model      Description
uDERe7.5  6.75kW  –  10A ACrms
uDERe10  9kW  –  15A ACrms
uDERe15  13.5kW  –  20A ACrms
uDERe20  18kW  –  25A ACrms
uDERe30  27kW  –  40A ACrms
uDERe40  36kW  –  50A ACrms
uDERe50  45kW  –  65A ACrms
uDERe60  54kW  –  80A ACrms
uDERe80  72kW  –  105A ACrms
uDERe100  90kW  –  130A ACrms
uDERe120  108kW  –  155A ACrms
uDERe160  128kW  –  185A ACrms
uDERe200  160kW  –  230A ACrms