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MDE - Motor Drive Emulator series
Motor Drive Emulator series
Motor Drive Emulator series

MDE series Data Sheet
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  • 7.5 kW - 200 kVA
  • Regenerative Function
  • 1ch/3ch configuration: DC: 750Vmax, 1ch of ±690Amax/3ch of ±230Amax
  • CM, VM, PM modes
  • Active Front End: THDi <1%, PF >0.99
  • Testing DC storage systems (batteries, capacitors, fuel cells)
  • R&D Laboratories
  • Product and Quality validation
  • Automated testing systems

Motor Drive Emulators are regenerative power supplies designed to emulate a powertrain system. They emulates the behaviour of an inverter and electrical motor working together.
The user can configure the MDE with different profiles of velocity, acceleration and breaking. Apart from that, other parameters can be configured, as motor and inverter power, switching frequency of inverter and some faults too.
The DC input of MDE can be configured with 3 independent channels to test different storage systems at the same time or they can be parallelized for high current applications in 1 single-channel.
This equipment has energy recovery capability which allows saving energy during the working period by returning the energy to the power grid (saves up to 92%).

Functional description
The converter is formed by an Active Front End, a DC bus stage, and DC/DC converter with output filters and sensors.
The following operating modes can be selected by the user:
  • Current Mode (CM): the output AC current is controlled by the value selected by the user
  • Voltage Mode (VM): the output AC voltage is controlled by the value selected by the user
  • Power Mode (PM): the output AC power is controlled by the value selected by the user
  • Vehicle profile

Regenerative power supply
The converter is based on a hardware topology allowing a bidirectional power flow from the DC input to the grid output providing important energy savings.


Model      Description
MDE7.5  6.75kW  –  10A
MDE10  9kW  –  15A
MDE15  13.5kW  –  20A
MDE20  18kW  –  30A
MDE30  27kW  –  40A
MDE40  36kW  –  55A
MDE50  45kW  –  70A
MDE60  54kW  –  85A
MDE80  72kW  –  115A
MDE100  90kW  –  145A
MDE120  108kW  –  175A
MDE160  128kW  –  230A
MDE200  160kW  –  290A