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EL - AC & DC Electronic Load series
AC Electronic Load series
EL AC Electronic Load series

EL series Data Sheet
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  • Active and Reactive Power Commands
  • Programmable Current Harmonics (3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15th)
  • Programmable Current in DC
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Three-Phase Programmable Loads
  • Single-Phase Programmable Loads
  • Other High Level behaviours are also available under demand, i.e. batteries, RLC emulators, photovoltaic, preprogramed curves...
  • Industrial Application for Production Testing:
    - Switching and Protection Devices, Inductors, Transformers
    - Motors and Alternators
    - Converters, Battery Chargers, UPS, Power Supplies
  • Research Application in Electrical Area

Electronic loads are designed to test equipment and applications where linear and non linear loads are required. The equipment is programmable in order to facilitate the use in industrial and R&D environments. The regenerative functionality allows the use of the equipment in applications where the test needs long time to stabilization, for example in temperature stabilization for power equipment like UPS or transformers in production verification. The equipment can work with low voltages because it has a Boost Converter for adapt the voltage levels and allowing the energy recovery to the power grid.

Functional description
The converter is composed by an Active Rectifier, a DC link, and 3 independent IGBT output branches with filters and sensors.
The output is configured to work in AC mode and (optionally) in DC mode. In AC mode the equimpent can emulate single phase and three phase (balanced and unbalanced, linear and non-linear) loads. In DC mode option, one output channel can work in DC.
The following operating modes are available:
  • Constant Impedance (CI)
  • Constant Current (CC) with harmonic definition
  • Constant Power (CP)

Regenerative power supply
The regenerative system allows the test with a consumption of only the 25%, allowing large energy savings and therefore economical costs.


Model      Description
EL7.5  6.75kW  –  10A ACrms
EL10  9kW  –  15A ACrms
EL15  13.5kW  –  20A ACrms
EL20  18kW  –  25A ACrms
EL30  27kW  –  40A ACrms
EL40  36kW  –  50A ACrms
EL50  45kW  –  65A ACrms
EL60  54kW  –  80A ACrms
EL80  72kW  –  105A ACrms
EL100  90kW  –  130A ACrms
EL120  108kW  –  155A ACrms
EL160  128kW  –  185A ACrms
EL200  160kW  –  230A ACrms