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ATS for Switching Power Supply
mod. 8000
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Chroma model ATS 8000  
ATS for Switching Power Supply  

ATS 8000 Data Sheet
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  • Open architecture software platform
    • Support instrument with GPIB / RS-232 or RS-485 / I2C interfaces
    • User editable test item
    • User editable test program
    • User editable report format
    • Statistical report
    • On-line control function
    • User authority control
    • Release control
    • Activity log
    • Master / Slave control mode
    • Support bar code reader
    • Support Shop-floor control
    • Remote monitoring via internet
  • Test command optimizer helps to improve test speed
  • Capable of coding for any power supply testing applications
  • Comprehensive hardware modules provide high accuracy repetitive measurements
  • High test throughput by system default test items
  • Cost effective
  • Other hardware expandable upon request
  • Windows 98/NT/2000 or higher based software

This auto test system uses the unique test command optimization technology to prevent the repeating control commands from sending to the system hardware devices. This improves the system test speed dramatically and makes Chroma 8000, which uses open software architecture, highly efficient as a close or optimized auto test system.

To meet the power supply test requirements, Chroma Power Supply Auto Test System model 8000 has built-in 56 ready-made test items. Users may create new test items based on new test requirements using the test item editing function, which gives users the capability to expand the test items unlimitedly.

With the powerful report, statistic and management functions, Chroma Power Supply Auto Test System model 8000 is able to provide complete tools to generate various test documents and perform system administration.
Because the test and statistical reports are equally important nowadays for R/D evaluation, QA verification and mass production tests, these save users a great deal of time for paper work.

Working under Windows 98/NT/2000 or higher operating system, Chroma 8000 Power Supply Auto Test System is able to get all the resources provided by Windows; thus, it can easily export the test results to network or to your webpage for remote manufacturing monitoring.

Test Items:
1. DC output voltage
2. DC output current
3. Peak-Peak noise
4. RMS noise
5. Transient response time
6. Transient spike
7. Voltage regulation
8. Current regulation
9. Total regulation test
10. Turn ON time
11. Rise time
12. Fall time
13. Hold-up time
14. Extra timing test
15. Input Inrush current
16. Overshoot voltage
17. Power good signal
18. Power fail signal
19. P/S ON signal
20. Power up sequence
21. Power down sequence
22. Efficiency
23. Input RMS current
24. Input Peak current
25. Input power
26. Current harmonics against regulations
27. Input power factor
28. Input voltage ramp
29. Input freq. ramp
30. Tracking
31. Swing check
32. Short circuit test
33. Short circuit current
34. OV protection
35. UV protection
36. OL protection
37. OP protection
38. Extended measure
39. In-test adjustment
40. AC cycle drop out
41. PLD simulation
42. Waveform capture
43. I2C read/write*
44. GPIB read/write
45. RS232 read/write
46. RS485 read/write*
47. Fan speed test*
48. Auto alignment*
49. TTL signal control
50. Relay control
51. Correlation test
52. Barcode scan*
53. DMM measure
54. UUT measurement verification
55. Current ripple*
56. High di/dt loading*

* Requires additional equipment


Model      Description
8000  SMPS Auto Test System
5004ATM  System Controller
6011/80611  Timing / Noise Analyzer
6011n/6012n  Timing/ Noise module
6012/80612  OVP/ Short Circuit Tester
6013/80613  ON/OFF Controller
A600009  GPIB Cable (200 cm)
A600010  GPIB Cable (60 cm)
A630002  GPIB Interface for Model 6312/ 6314/ 6304
A800003  8000 Software Package
A800004  19'Rack for 8000
A800005  PCI Bus GPIB Card (National Instrument)
A800006  Test Fixture for Model 8000
AC Source  Refer to Model 6400, 6500, 61500, 61600 Series
DC Load Module  Refer to Model 6300, 6310, 6320, 6330, 6340 Series
DC Source  Refer to Model 6200, 6200K, 6200F Series
Power Analyzer  Refer to Model 6630, 6632 Series