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High Power DC Electronic Load
63200 series  ( 15.6 kW )
63200 High Power DC Electronic Load
Chroma model 63200 series  
High Power DC Electronic Load  
15.6 kW  

63200 Data Sheet
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  • Power Rating: 2.6kW, 5.2kW, 6.5kW, 10.4kW, 14.5kW, 15.6kW
  • Voltage range: 0~80V/0~500V
  • Current range: Up to 1000A
  • CC, CR, CV, CP load modes
  • Master/Slave paralleling control mode, allow synchronous load control under static and dynamic loading mode (Up to 93.6kW)
  • Dynamic loading: Up to 20kHz
  • Only need 1V to draw rated current
  • Programmable slew rate, up to 41A/µs
  • Measurement: Voltage / Current / Power/ Resistance
  • Large LED/LCD display
  • External loading waveform simulation
  • Short circuit simulation and short circuit current measurement
  • Full protection: OC, OP, OT protection and OV, reverse alarm
  • Versatile remote controller
  • GPIB & RS-232 interfaces

The Chroma Electronic Loads 63200 series are designed to test DC power sources, power electronic devices, automotive battery and components testing. The high power ratings, parallel and synchronization capabilities make them the ideal tool for testing high power UUT's such as SMR's, UPS's, batteries, and fuel cells.

Power electronic devices testing

The 63200 series offers 10 different models with power ranges from 2,600 watts to 15,600 watts, currents from 50A to 1,000A and up to a 600V input voltage. The 4 load modes provide different load simulations for various applications. The CC/CR modes are designed to test constant voltage power supplies. CV mode is used to test battery chargers and current sources, and CP mode is ideal for battery testing by simulating the real discharge curve.

Power supply testing

Battery testing

The 63200 series can draw its rated current under very low voltage (1V typical) even under the highest specified slew rate. This unique feature guarantees the best loading performance to a low voltage power supply. With the unique external waveform simulation and Master / Slave control capability, the 63200 series electronic loads allow users to parallel and synchronize more than one load together using an internal or external loading control signal. This feature provides unlimited load simulation and the possibility of power expansion.

Master / Slave parallel control

External loading waveform simulation

The 63200 series also provides the necessary measurement functions and short circuit simulation that extend the test capability for even the most demanding engineering tests and ATE applications. With the LCD display and rotary knob, the 63200 electronic loads offer versatile front panel operations. Users are able to control the 63200 family remotely via GPIB, RS-232 or APG (Analog Programming) interface.

Chroma 63200 series loads incorporate built in fan speed control to minimize the audio noise. The self-diagnosis routine and the protection against OP, OC, OT and alarm indicating OV, reverse polarity to ensure the best quality and reliability.

Chroma's 63200 Series DC Loads provide a unique surge load simulation capability which allows users to overdrive the loads up to 2.7 times their rated power for short periods. This feature is ideal when the average power required by the UUT is low compared to short-term peak power demands. Plasma Display Panel (PDPs) testing is one of the typical applications, others include battery 3C discharge, breaker & fuse over rating (300% to 1000%) tests, car engine startup simulation and DC motor startup simulation.

The amount of surge loading available using the 63200 loads is related to the initial loading conditions. Figures 1 and 2 show the relationship of the initial state (Load_Low under Dynamic mode) and the maximum acceptable overdrive power. Under this operation, the load will display an Over Power Protection Alarm (OPP) and will disable the load current if the user violates the maximum surge load capability showed in the figures.


Note 1 :
The Initial state under Static Mode should last at least 1 second.

Note 2 :
This surge load capability will be regulated by the temperature de-rating characteristics. (Refer to Note 1 in Specifications)

Note 3 :
Examples on the left assume the use of the Model 63201 load with a continuous rating of 2600W/300A/1-80VDC

The 63200 Loads include a unique timing & measurement function allowing for precision time settings and measurements in the range of 1s to 99999s. This feature allows users to set a final voltage & timeout value for battery discharge testing and similar applications. For example, the figure below shows that the 63200's internal timer can be initiated automatically when the battery voltage falls below a preset value. The timer will continue counting until the second preset voltage value is reached.


Model      Description
63201  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/300A/2.6KW
63202  High Power DC Electronic Load 500V/50A/2.6KW
63203  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/600A/5.2KW
63204  High Power DC Electronic Load 600V/100A/5.2KW
63205  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/180A/6.5KW
63206  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/600A/10.4KW
63207  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/300A/10.4KW
63208  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/600A/15.6KW
63209  High Power DC Electronic Load 80V/1000A/15.6KW
63210  DC Electronic Load 600V/150A/14.5KW
63211  DC Electronic Load 1000V/150A/15.6KW
A632001  Remote Controller
A632002  Load Cable 38mm/242A/200cmx2
A632003  Load Cable 80mm/390A/200cmx2
A632004  Sync. Link Box for 6330A & 63200 series
A632005  Softpanel for 63200 series
A632006  NI USB-6211 BUS-Powered Multifunction DAQ